Outsourced Payroll

With the ever-increasing complexity of employment legislation, including the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) and more recently Auto Enrolment, payroll preparation means that businesses need to have a significant knowledge of what is required.

Outsourced Payroll is a smart move for small businesses

Do you find that managing payroll uses up valuable time in the team which could be better spent on growth? If this is the case, or find that you are even doing your payroll by evening or weekend, then this service may be the perfect solution for you.

We can save you both time and money on software and stationery too. With pension auto enrolment changes in the mix even staying complaint prompts business owners to outsource payroll. We therefore run a popular dedicate service which helps with all of this.

Our popular dedicated outsourced payroll team take care of all of this for a significant number of Scottish businesses.

Clients enjoy our outsourced payroll service because it is a great value service which has a relatively small fee. Our dedicated payroll team  are always on hand to answer questions you get from your employees too.

Why outsource payroll?

Our clients mostly find that the introduction of Auto Enrolment to the payroll regime has been a real challenge.  As a result, many have found outsourced payroll to be an ideal solution. Smart business owners right across Scotland are now doing this. Consequently, we have expanded our dedicated team that provides this service. It is a great alternative for the following reasons:

  • Create more time for revenue generation. Release time for you to spend more time on your business. Or  to carry out other duties such as sales or credit control.
  • Make savings.  Outsourced payroll services are often cheaper . Consider the software, upgrades and payslips costs. We work with Bureau software so the costs of scale make the propositions competitive.
  • Experience less distraction. Our team takes care of the Auto Enrolment process and administration. This leaves you more headspace to work on your business growth and strategy.
  • Benefit from added Security. We give you improved security when we deal with electronic reports and payslips as there is no paper being posted.
  • Improve confidentiality. Employees don’t need to know about each others salaries. This is especially popular for small teams.

Our service can include

  • Keeping you compliant with Auto Enrolment as changes are introduced
  • Calculating the wages; weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly or annually including SMP and SSP calculations
  • Paying net salaries direct to employee bank accounts.
  • Keeping you advised of your PAYE, NIC and pension liability
  • Supplying you with electronic payslips
  • Dealing with HMRC  inspections on your behalf

Many of our clients have said that one of the best decisions they made was to outsource their payroll to Johnston Smillie.

If you would like an outsourced payroll service that’s reliable and enables you to spend more time on you business,  or at home,  contact us. Our team of Edinburgh Chartered Accountants support businesses and charities with their payroll across Scotland.

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