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Johnston Smillie can provide your Hospitality & Leisure business with a range of specialist bookkeeping and accounting services.

There are few sectors more challenging than that of Hospitality and Leisure.

With so many hotels, bars, restaurants, pubs, and cafes all vying for attention, it’s little wonder it’s regularly named as one of the riskiest business ventures out there.

But there is a way to minimise this risk: Ensure you are consistently managing your finances and undertaking effective tax planning measures.

And Johnston Smillie can help you do both.

 A Capital Idea

Being based in Edinburgh – which has become something of a year-round tourist destination – we have taken a keen interest in the Hospitality and Leisure sector.

We’ve sought to develop a greater understanding of the business operations of hotels, guest houses, hostels, bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes, and outside catering companies.

While they all face similar challenges in terms of funding and cash flow, there are also subtleties that require specific advice.

If you have an idea for your own bar, restaurant, or hotel, or if you’re already up-and-running, it’s important that you receive the best possible advice from an experienced professional.

 The Benefits of Working with JSCA

Our team of hospitality and leisure accountants have worked hard to better understand the challenges facing your business on a daily basis.

From the margins you should be achieving, to employment issues and day-to-day operations, you’ll receive expert advice tailored to your business requirements.

At JSCA, we have experience working with a number of high-performing hospitality businesses, and the same goes for the leisure sector.

We currently work with several sporting clubs and teams, including golf, ice hockey, and curling, as well as individuals who are professionals in the worlds of golf, rugby, and show jumping.

By joining them, you’ll receive specialist tax planning advice tailored for individuals and companies earning income all over the world.

 We Can Help

Whether you’re running a fancy restaurant or hotel, or you’re literally running, jumping, or swinging a club as a professional sportsperson, you will need the very best financial advice available.

That’s precisely what you’ll get from JSCA.

First, we’ll sit down together – in our offices, or yours – to discuss your business and the specific challenges you need to overcome.

We’ll then recommend, in plain English, ways to improve your financial management and tax planning, with a view to minimising risk and reducing your tax liabilities.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your hospitality or leisure business.

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