Managing residential property investment

Residential property is an investment that many of our clients make. From one property to house student children, to a wide balanced portfolio, we work in close partnership with expert estate agents and letting agents to help you plan and grow your investment portfolio and help ensure it meets your financial planning needs. This includes rental and capital growth to create lump sum pension funds as well as income.

With years of experience in property investment, we pride ourselves on having an understanding of the economic markets, accounting and compliance best practice as well as staged portfolio acquisition or sale plans, which maximise tax efficiency for you.

We work with you to help you optimise your property investments performance through advice on appropriate funding, cash flow planning, buying and selling.

We help clients with

  • Residential property portfolio building
  • Residential property portfolio sale
  • Tax planning with a portfolio of residential property investment
  • Pension planning from residential property income
  • Investing pension release lump sums in residential property
  • Refurbishing investment properties and navigating tax implications
  • Families looking to acquire investment properties for student children
  • Managing residential investment portfolios through trust funds for inheritance
  • Inheritance Tax implications and planning for residential property investments
  • Digital tax returns – and the switch to quarterly digital tax returns
  • Selling residential property if you no longer live in the UK

Let’s talk

If you are not sure where to start, would like advice before you start hunting for property to buy, or want to review your existing portfolio to see if your financial and tax aspects are working most efficiently for you contact our team who can help you. Our team are happy to meet with other advisers with you too including your property agent, lawyer  and / or  financial adviser

You can also find out about commercial property and construction here.

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