Due Dilligence Service

If you’re buying, selling, or merging, Johnston Smillie can help your business undertake the necessary due diligence checking.

Perhaps you’re preparing to sell your business after many years at the helm. Or you’ve spotted an opportunity to acquire another company. Or maybe you’re ready to merge with a similar business to expand your reach and resource.

Whatever the circumstance, you need to have the full picture before you commit to making such a major decision.

In short, you need to undertake a period of thorough due diligence.

This process is crucial in ensuring that you understand, in no uncertain terms, what you’ll be receiving once everything is signed and sealed.

Johnston Smillie can guide you through the process, or handle it on your behalf.

You Need a Due Diligence Report

The idea of buying, selling, or merging your business can – under the right circumstances – be an exciting one.

But you shouldn’t let that excitement cloud your judgement.

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, you need to know for sure what the other party values as you draw up the deal. Otherwise you may end up paying too much, or receiving too little, for something that you’ve spent a considerable amount of time building towards.

What’s more, you will need to understand the tax implications and liabilities that so often accompany the buying and selling of businesses.

The Benefits of Working with JSCA

A due diligence review can help add real value to your business, while also reducing risk.

For instance, you can determine how much your business is worth, if selling, or how much you should be paying if buying.

JSCA can offer you expert guidance when undertaking a period of due diligence.

We’ll help you assess your funding options, market conditions, and tax planning so that your sale, purchase, or merger is completed smoothly, while yielding the maximum amount of value for both parties.

Make an Informed Decision

Going into any prospective deal with your eyes open, fully informed of every aspect, is the only way to ensure you receive maximum value.

Particularly when you’ve put in the hours to grow your business to the point of being able to sell.

That’s why, before we get started, our team of experts will help you understand the ins and outs of conducting a due diligence audit.

And we’ll be there with you every step of the way towards finalising the deal.

Contact us today to find out more about how our due diligence services can benefit you and your business.

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