Bookkeeping & Accounting

The cost of employing in-house staff to carry out your book-keeping and accounting can be expensive. There is often no requirement for full-time staff and our outsourced service can provide all your requirements at great value. You will have the comfort of knowing that your records are up to date and comply with all regulations. You will receive reports on performance promptly and much time can be saved in the preparation of your annual accounts.

Book-keeping & accounting can regularly prove a distraction for business owners and managers away from their daily operation.  Our team of Chartered Accountants at Johnston Smillie can help you with a great value outsourced book-keeping service.

New in business?

We can help by setting up your records initially if you are just starting out in business. We can help you set up systems and processes for future use to ensure that compliance in the future is straightforward for you. You can read more about what our existing clients say about us here.

Growing a business?

We can review and adjust your book-keeping if necessary, if you have been in business for some time. If you are scaling up we can help you dress how best to do that to save you time and money.

The outsourced solution

Many of our clients use our fully outsourced solution for book-keeping & accounting. We can help;

  • Identify relevant software
  • Set it up
  • Train your team
  • Run your book-keeping & accounting for you

That way you will also not have the problem of ensuring that computer software is up to date nor will you have to attend to a variety of essential routines such as backing up data.

We can provide the service on your premises or at our offices with a free courier service available to collect and deliver books and records. Quite simply we are an efficient outsourced booking service based in Edinburgh serving clients throughout Scotland.

You might also be interested in our outsourced payroll service.

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Our Bookkeeping & Accounting Experts

Genuinely specialist, highly experienced and regularly trained, our team put great commitment into helping clients business grow and make dealing with personal matters as painless as possible.

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