FreeAgent Accountants

Johnston Smillie’s FreeAgent Friendly advisors offer expert support and advice for this emerging cloud accounting software.

Although not as established as Xero or QuickBooks, FreeAgent is fast making a name for itself as a cloud accounting solution for many freelancers and small business owners.

Formed right here in Scotland, its slick set of features include invoicing, expense management, mileage tracking and tax forecasts. And with iOs and Android smartphone apps, users can capture receipts and create and send invoices on-the-move.

However, a few common challenges arise when using FreeAgent:

  • Moving from a spreadsheet-based accounting system to the cloud can be daunting;
  • It’s not always clear which third-party apps your business requires;
  • Perfecting efficient internal workflows can be time consuming and frustrating;
  • And new staff need to be trained to the right level of competency.

That’s where Johnston Smillie comes in.

FreeAgent Software Support Services

Here at JSCA, we offer a range of FreeAgent support services designed for freelancers, startups, and small businesses. We have a dedicated team of FreeAgent Friendly advisors based in our Edinburgh office, serving clients in Edinburgh, Fife, Lothians, Borders, Glasgow and further afield in Scotland.

We can help you quickly set up FreeAgent for your business, and provide ongoing training, technical support, and development to make sure you get the most out of this smart cloud accounting system.

JSCA will oversee everything, every step of the way, including identifying the right third-party apps and integrations that make sense for your growing business.

And our team of bookkeeping and accounting experts are on hand should you wish to outsource that particular function of the software.

Crystal Clear Advice

Whether you’re looking to adopt FreeAgent as your cloud accounting platform of choice, or you simply want to learn how to use it better, JSCA can help you take those all-important first steps.

We’ll sit down together – in our offices, or yours – and discuss the features and benefits of both FreeAgent and its range of apps and integrations to determine which combination is the right fit for your business.

We’ll then recommend, in plain English, the FreeAgent software solution for you, before helping you get started. And from that point forward, you’ll receive only the very best support and crystal clear advice from our team of certified FreeAgent Friendly partners.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the most of your FreeAgent cloud accounting software.

Our FreeAgent Accountants Experts

Genuinely specialist, highly experienced and regularly trained, our team put great commitment into helping clients business grow and make dealing with personal matters as painless as possible.

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