New guidance on investments for charities

17th December 2018 | Posted in: Charity

OSCR have recently published guidance on matters which charity trustees should take into account when considering their investment strategy.  Please visit  Charity investments, guidance and good practice

Whilst the guidance is targeted specifically at charity trustees, it addresses many issues which apply equally to individuals and businesses who hold investments and is recommended reading for anyone who wishes to reflect on their investment policy.

As is usual with OSCR publications, this guidance is well researched and well written: it was produced by a working group which included individuals from charities and investment management companies. Of course, the guidance is not a substitute for the kind of advice which can be provided by a qualified and regulated financial adviser or investment manager, but it discusses various factors which should be taken into consideration by any charity (or individual, or business) when thinking about their investments.

Examples of topics covered by the guidance are:

• What is an investment?
• Why should I have investments?
• What do I want from my investments?
• What legal and moral factors should be taken into account when investing?

These are very simple but important questions which are often bypassed. The OSCR document sets out relevant facts and thought-provoking commentary to assist in coming up with an investment policy which is in tune with your aims and objectives.

If you feel we could help you and would like to discuss any of the above, please contact Paul Taddei FCA on 0131 317 7377 or email to
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