How much should I pay my apprentices?

11th December 2018 | Posted in: Government Announcements, Payroll, Regulations apprentices

The Government are currently running a campaign advising apprentices to check their pay and complain if they are not being paid correctly.  Data shows that almost one fifth of apprentices at Level two and Level three are being paid less than the appropriate rate. The current apprentice rates from 1 April 2018 are:

Hourly rate for an apprentice is £3.70 if:

  • Aged under 19
  • Aged over 19 and in the first year of their apprenticeship

Apprentices aged 19 or over who have completed their first year apprenticeship, minimum hourly rates:

  • Age 19 to 20 is £5.90
  • Age 21 to 24 is £7.38
  • Over 25 is £7.83

If an employer is not paying the correct hourly rate, they may receive a Notice of Underpayment from HMRC, setting out the arrears to be paid to the worker together with a penalty.  Employers may also be publicly named.

At Johnston Smillie we have a dedicated payroll team who work closely with our clients to ensure that the correct statutory wage rates are being applied.

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