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Johnston Smillie is pleased to announce that we are registered under the ATOL Reporting Accountants Scheme.

The ATOL Reporting Accountants Scheme, which forms part of the Civil Aviation Authority’s (“the CAA’s”) review of ATOL regulation, was launched on 1 April 2016.

From 1 April 2016 only registered and designated ARAs working in registered firms are able to sign ATOL Accountants Reports.

Many of our clients at Johnston Smillie  are Travel Agents and this is really important for the continued compliance of their businesses. So we therefore created dedicated registered ARA’s able to sign ATOL Accountants Reports. Based from our office in Edinburgh we work with clients on site too across Scotland – whatever suits you best.

We are also members of ICAS which is an Approved Professional Body for this scheme. This helps us ensure that our clients are always kept informed of changes in legislation and compliance.

Why ATOL reporting introduced?

To ensure that accountants signing ATOL Accountants Reports are competent and experienced to conduct this work, the CAA therefore introduced the ATOL Reporting Accountants Scheme . This was introduced in the public interest, to improve the quality of ATOL Accountants Reports. Notably to reduce the likelihood that consumers buying from ATOL holders would be affected by insolvency and suffer inconvenience and financial detriment as a result.

From April 2016 all ATOL holders must have their Annual Accountants Report (AAR) signed by an ATOL registered Accountant (ARA) who is a registered accountancy firm and who has passed an exam with CAA.

If your ATOL renewal is due you need to act quickly so contact us – we are qualified to help. Our team are good at acting swiftly too and understand that sometimes time is against you. If you haven’t used Johnston Smillie before but need help quickly don’t be afraid to ask.

We work a lot with retailers and can also help you with:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any assistance. You can see all our business services here.

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