Angela Harvey
Support Staff

Angela Harvey, or Angie as she is known throughout the firm and with our clients, joined the firm in 2012. Angie oversees the running of the reception services and client events. This includes our regular business clubs which we run to help generate new business referrals for clients.

She deals with all aspects of client service and online client engagement within the business too. Notably through our various social media platforms. Many of our clients like to tag and Tweet us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter  and Angie sees to it that everyone gets acknowledged.

Our team work hard to raise over £10k every year for charity. Angie steers the fundraising for local charities that the Company does, in addition to providing general admin support to all departments.

Clients can liaise with Angie about payroll because she has a strong knowledge of the pension auto–enrolment process. Due to this, Angie regularly supports the payroll department and informs its clients.

Clients often comment about the warm welcome they receive at Johnston Smillie.  This is probably due to Angie as since she is so often the first person they meet!

What Our Clients Say...

Angie has been instrumental in creating and running our business club. The results have been impactful in the development of the club and its sponsorship levels have grown as a result. The team here at The Edinburgh Capitals find liaising with Angie so efficient and a real pleasure. She is always positive and has everything under control.

Scott Neil - Edinburgh Capitals

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